What is PSMA?

PSMA is a protein found on 95% of all prostate cancer cells. Read more  

What is gallium-PSMA?

With Gallium-PSMA prostate cancer tumors are imaged in a PET scanner. Read more  

What is fluor-PSMA?

With fluor-PSMA prostate cancer tumors are imaged in a PET scan. Read more  

For which patients?

When does a doctor use PSMA PET-CT for prostate cancer and what are the alternatives. Read more  

Staging and risk

The PSA value, Gleason score and TNM score determine the staging and risk assessment. Read more  


How does a PET-CT examination with a radiopharmaceutical in a Nuclear Medicine department work? Read more  


What about radioactivity during a nuclear medicine study? Read more  
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