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About the Foundation PSMA forum NL

Who are we?

The PSMA forum NL was established in 2015 to consolidate knowledge and experience related to the application of PSMA. The PSMA forum NL is a multidisciplinary collaboration between specialists and researchers from Dutch medical centers with the aim of deploying PSMA diagnostics and therapy as effectively and efficiently as possible. There are now over 40 medical specialists affiliated with the PSMA forum NL. We are a multidisciplinary platform in which it is expressly intended that in addition to nuclear medicine specialists, specialists from other disciplines will also join such as urologists, oncologists and radiotherapists.

Despite several years of experience with the PSMA scan, it is still unclear how the PSMA scan can be put in practice most efficiently. The research has only limited guidelines in place. In addition, several PSMA tracers are available with minimally different properties. The primary goal of PSMA forum NL is to ensure that all patients in the Netherlands receive a PSMA PET scan, with comparable high quality and harmonized parameters for the analysis of the images.

In order to bring the execution of the examinations and interpretation of the images in line with international standards as much as possible, joint examination and assessment protocols are drawn up, we discuss difficult scans and a clinical / educational group has been formed. A research group is setting up clinical studies in the Netherlands and answering questions about optimal use of PSMA diagnostics and therapy. There is also cooperation in the field of grant applications for studies. In addition, a database is filled with scans obtained with PSMA tracers. This database can serve as a resource for education or multicenter research, and for developing artificial intelligence tools to help assess the scans.

When taking over the presidency from Prof. dr. J. Fred Verzijlbergen by colleague Dr. Daniela Oprea – Lower in March 2019, a number of objectives have been formulated:

  • multidisciplinary national platform
  • make decisions about tracers, indications for application
  • support harmonization protocols
  • discuss / propose guidelines
  • use the collected data in the imPRINT database
  • joint new publications
  • applying for grants
  • initiate new scientific studies
  • website with information about PSMA
  • discuss complicated case histories, instructive images
  • organize educational meetings

The strength of the company lies in the fact that almost all departments in the Netherlands that produce PSMA scans are connected and that colleagues from urology, medical oncology and radiotherapy make an important contribution to all aspects of the above objectives.

We also seek cooperation with our partners, especially in the field of education and research.

* october 2022

ANBI status

The PSMA forum NL foundation has applied for ANBI status from the tax authorities. If an institution has been designated as an ANBI by the tax authorities, a donor can, among other things, deduct donations from income or corporation tax, within the applicable rules.

The foundation is led by an unpaid chairman and board. The board uses a paid part-time coordinator on a freelance basis.

In the context of transparency, we publish the following information:

Name: Foundation PSMAforum NL

KvK: 80657141

The RSIN/tax number: 861751796

Contact details:

Articles of association: Articles of Association Foundation PSMAforum NL

The full articles of association can be requested by e-mail.

Policy plan: Policy plan Foundation PSMAforum NL 2021-2023

Annual report and annual accounts

The PSMA forum NL is always looking for enthusiastic volunteers.

At the moment we are looking for:

  • A board member focus area uro-oncology
  • A member web editor


Are you interested?

Please contact Daniela Oprea-Lager, chairperson, via

Dr. Daniela Oprea-Lager

Dr. Daniela Oprea-Lager


Dr. Linda Heijmen

Dr. Linda Heijmen


Dr. Bastiaan Privé

Dr. Bastiaan Privé


Prof. dr. Fred Verzijlbergen

Prof. dr. Fred Verzijlbergen

Board Member

Prof. dr. Jeroen van Moorselaar

Prof. dr. Jeroen van Moorselaar

Board Member

Jacqueline Bolderheij

Jacqueline Bolderheij


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