PSMAtreatment – Future research PSMA therapy

Future research PSMA therapy

Matters surrounding PSMA therapy that require clarification in future research:

  • The need to administer amino acids or alternative forms of intravenous hydration (such as saline) to protect the kidneys during PSMA therapy.
  • Whether Lu-177-PSMA therapy can also be applied in an earlier stage of disease than metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer.
  • The effects of combination therapy with androgen blockade.
  • The effects of combination therapy with chemotherapy or radiation.
  • Adding steroids to therapy and investigating risks and benefits.
  • The minimum required number of cycles of PSMA therapy and decisions about continuation of therapy.
  • Optimizing and individualizing the amount of radioactivity administered.
  • Minimize and treat salivary gland toxicity.
  • Funding the research.
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